Sales Greatness

Sales Greatness

Å bli en bedre selger krever optimal kunnskap. Denne siden skal gi best mulig salgskunnskap, øke salgs-ferdighetene dine og salgs-kompetansen din. Selgere som ønsker å bli bedre selgere skal få best mulig informasjon for å bli den beste selgeren de kan bli.

Telephone sales tips

How to become a great telephone-salesman

Telephone-sales has come to stay!

With a calling system is continually calling, you have time to call many more
Using a telephone you can get in touch with a lot more people compared to seeing one and one in person and traveling.

More people are seeing that the that the increased effectiveness of telephone sales allows companies to reach more people. When you become skilled as a telephone sales consultant, there are huge benefits. Sales in person has its benefits and so has telephone sales.

Advantages of telephone-sales:

More frequent conversations leads to more sales.

You have to focus on the words and tonality the customer uses and this fine tunes your hearing. Your sense of hearing picks up more details of what the customer is saying. When you have been doing telephone-sales for a while you begin to hear how people feel and what they mean more clearly. You become more intuitive when it comes to using your hearing.

You can hang up the phone if you don't want to talk to the person no more, but hang up in a kind way.

It's easier to keep your "state" high! You can just keep going! Only seconds after you finish a fun conversation you can go right into the next conversation. You can really create a deep flow state.

You become more aware of tonalities in general and how you use your own tonality.

You can listen to sound-recordings of yourself to help you learn faster.

You can also listen to other salespeople and their sales recordings (don't use too much time on this, and have your own high standards instead). Measure your progress against yourself.


Secrets in modern telephone sales

Today everything is about being that person who brings value.

You must be YOURSELF. You should enjoy yourself and love life. You are natural and a really nice person to talk to.

Many people LIKE getting a call from you, so that they can talk to a positive, happy and kind person that gets them to feel good about themselves and improve their lives.

There are two things you can give them in telephone sales:


1. Your love (Make them feel good)

2. A better life


1: You can satisfy a lot of different human needs. You can give them a conversation with positive energy, and send them this positive energy. You can smile in a way that makes them smile, even through the phone. When you are happy and smile, you create a tonality that makes the other people smile subconsciously to a more or less degree. This is valuable in and of itself. You can give them humor. You can give them the confidence you have that rub off on them.

You can give them excitement through how interesting your product is.

You can give them feelings. Use feeling for what it's worth. Vary your tonality and create deep feelings when you talk about things. Be immersed in what you're saying, while being natural and truly FEEL what you are saying. People spend time watching movies, reading books and so on because emotions has value. People like to feel alive. Let yourself be totally involved in the fascinating things you say, but be natural and easy going at the same time, you know what I mean.

You can tell them fascinating stories. People like stories.

People love talking to people in "State"! People love to talk to people with Life-force. People like to talk to people they admire and people that are in "state" is something they admire. You can also take a lot of herbs to boost your mood to feel great all the time. Eating healthy and sleeping well and early is also an integral part to make this work.


Make them feel good!

There are lots of ways you can do this. The best means of making people feel good is actually through indirect means. You can for example be impressed when they tell about something they are interested or have done. Praise = value that is added to the total pot of buying temperature. This has to be done in a natural way of course.

Sometimes you can make the customer feel so good that they buy the product simply because they felt so good by talking to you, if the product is not expensive. Remember: Be leading in your conversations while listening to them and making them feel good. This principle has to do with the principle of reciprocity - people want to give back to people who have given to them.

Some people want to spend some time talking to a nice person. Most people don't have a job they are passionate about in this time (even though I wish that all people would do what they are passionate about). So when you call them it's only nice, especially when they hear that you are confident, are in state and call to give them a better life.

You can also give them understanding, compassion, care and support and so on. There are MANY human values you can give! You can make them feel seen or heard (by confirming what they say). You can mirror them so that they feel contact with you. You can give them this feeling of connection, which feels wonderful.


Another benefit with telephone sales

On the telephone we can actually mirror even more. If you know where they are from or hear how they talk, you can tailor your voice accordingly. I've often almost changed my voice completely based on who I'm talking to. The trick is to let your voice be a little smiliar to theirs with the same tonality, punctuations and special expressions while at the same time being yourself.

This is an art you can build up and after a while you let yourself mirror more and more. Mirroring is a proven sales technique when used optimally, it WILL increase your sales conversions by approximately 20% from your current conversion rate. This is something we should always be doing on the phone. People lie people who are like themselves. People also like people who are authentic, so find the balance.

Don't use mirroring too much in your every day life, because you want to have authentic connections with your closest people and friends. Always enter a relationship based on who  YOU truly are. This is best for you in the long term. Mirroring is very powerful, but friends needs to know when you agree, or else they don't know how to relate to you. Be yourself 100% with them. Of course, many times you will naturally mirror, because you have a lot in common, and that's is perfectly ok. In sales, use it as much as possible, this opens the channels of communication. 


What is the big difference between telephone sales and sales in person?

First of all I want to say that the universal sales principles er the same. The powers are the same, but how we use them are a little different. The only difference is that in telephone sales the primary energies are tonality, words and feelings. As a telephone sales consultant you should still have confident body language. Therefor we take the focus away from facial expressions, body language and touch, and move the focus to tonality and words even more. The customer can still hear your facial expressions and body language.


All these factors are very beneficial for you as you are the professional one and has spoken to a lot of people over the phone. You are able to adapt to the situasjon quickly.  You know how high your own volume should be to sound good and so on. The volume should be normal, or perhaps slightly louder than normal, and you should be heard clearly. A higher volume is a sign of confidence, but still be natural.


What kind of body language should I have while on the phone?

Even if you sit or stand, you should lean forward slightly, chest should be up and the shoulders should be back and down, and the body language should be open. Use a lot of gesticulations as if you're holding a speech in front of 10 000 people. The gesticulations helps you add force behind the right words.

You should smile often, and when they hear that you just continue to smile, this makes them smile. They like it. A smiling, confident, leading and caring tonality sounds really good.

"By the way, I have to tell you something - you were a really nice person to talk to, and I can hear that you are smiling"

Are there other perks of telephone sales?

Yes, you can be inside when it rains, you can talk to nice colleagues and create a good enviroment. Therefore, it's also important that you pump up their state and spread joy. Of course you will be happy anyway, but you should spread joy to be an optimal sales consultant.

Tips for telephone sales:

  • Have food prepared and ready, especially shakes. Mix shakes of fruit, vegetables, herbs and son on. This way you'll have more time to sell effectively at the beginning of the day, to allow you to get a good start.
  • Your sound should be normal, or slightly higher.
  • Their sound should be normal.
  • Optimize sound level, echo and quality of your headset.
  • Mirror a lot with tonality, words and be the one you are talking with.
  • Smile, gesticulate and use a very confident body language.
  • Move, stand upright and increase your circulation, don't sit for too long.
  • Spread joy to those around you while you are talking to customers on the phone.
  • Immerse yourself in what you are saying and create positive images in the minds of the customer. Paint the most beautiful pictures you can with your words and tonality.
  • Look at telephone sales like a game.
  • Make lives better.
    Make their day better.
  • Hva fun, play and enjoy yourself.
  • Go outside of your comfort zone a little. You are just going calling them on the phone anyway.
  • Be professional at the same time.
  • Be self-controlled.
  • Be self-amused.
  • Be loving.
  • Create "flow" or "state".


What is similar from telephone sales to in-person sales?

Everything, aside from the heightened focus on the use of voices.

The universal sales principles still apply.

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Telephone sales have come to stay.

Modern telephone sales is what has come to stay.  Top-performers who give value, are kind and give the customer a better life, will always stay. Everybody wants a person like this to call them.

Telephone sales can be tremendously fun when we become great. All you need is knowledge, full effort and to have fun, and they you get the results you want.

I strongly believe in you! Especially when you have taken the time to read this article. People who prioritizes to learn succeeds inevitably. 

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