Sales Greatness

Sales Greatness

Å bli en bedre selger krever optimal kunnskap. Denne siden skal gi best mulig salgskunnskap, øke salgs-ferdighetene dine og salgs-kompetansen din. Selgere som ønsker å bli bedre selgere skal få best mulig informasjon for å bli den beste selgeren de kan bli.


Top 5 best state boosting supplements

Yes, there are herbs that increases state. Just as coffee is an herb that gives energy, and some well known herbs make you happy, there are also something in between those. Adaptogen herbs is this middle place. Adaptogens are the healthiest herbs in the world, and these will make you feel better, in addition to everything else you do to boost state.


1. The Healthiest Tea On Earth

This tea makes your conversations more positive and light. It is very beneficial for your mood. It also has anti-aging effects and immune strengthening properties.

2. Holy Basil

Holy basil increases happiness. It decreases stress, and doesn't make you drowsy, unless you have slept very little. You feel more tranquil and satisfied. It also has positive effects on our lung health. 


3. Bacopa

This was the the review that made me buy this product: "I have been using this product for 9 years...  I am the top sales person for my company and hold the record for the most sales in the history of the company and I owe it to bacopa..."
It's been a blessing in my sales career. It improves memory, relaxes the mind and makes you focus better. This is a true nootropic (enhances intellect)


4. Reishi

Great addition to your "state" stack. Reishi is the most researched and documented herb in the world. It enhances state, boosts immune system and has powerful anti-aging properties.


5. Siberian ginseng

Siberian ginseng gives great energy after a period of a few weeks, if you do other things right as well. You simply feel better while you use it and more powerful. It's not the same as other ginsengs, and has a more beneficial effect in terms of selling.